SHARKK Wine Aerator
SHARKK Wine AeratorSHARKK Wine AeratorSHARKK Wine AeratorSHARKK Wine AeratorSHARKK Wine Aerator

SHARKK Wine Aerator


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Product Description

Used by experts and fine wine connoisseurs around the globe, Aerators are the key to unlocking the full flavor and potential of your favorite wines.
By expanding the surface of the wine as it flows through, the Aerator oxygenates the wine, allowing it to “breathe”, thereby reducing sulfites, softening tannins and unleashing bold flavors and rich aromas.

Sophisticated Design
The slim, sophisticated design makes this Aerator both a pleasure to use and an elegant addition to any evening or dinner party setting.

Enhances Flavor
The SHARKK Wine Aerator reduces harmful sulfites, softens tannins and enhances the flavor of your favorite wines by allowing them to “breathe” as your glass is poured.

Easy to Clean
Removable top makes the Wine Aerator exceptionally easy to clean
Simply remove the top and run under warm water until clean.

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  • Instantly and easily aerate your favorite wines with The SHARKK Wine Aerator.
  • Greatly enhances flavor and aroma by infusing oxygen and reducing potentially harmful sulfites.
  • Slim, sophisticated design makes the Wine Aerator easy to store and use.
  • Removable top makes the Wine Aerator exceptionally easy to clean.
  • Made from high grade acrylic.