Le Creuset Screwpull Professional Lever Corkscrew S1700-31

Le Creuset Screwpull Professional Lever Corkscrew S1700-31


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Product Description

Product Description
The renowned Le Creuset wine opener by Screwpull opens wine bottles without broken corks, cork bits in the wine, slips, straining, or sore fingers. And now the latest model operates with even more ease and efficiency. The original lever-pull device was invented by an engineer who became frustrated with inefficient openers and wanted something that was foolproof. This ergonomic, state-of-the-art tool has a “worm” screw that glides through the cork with minimum friction as the levers are pulled. An effortless swing of the handle lifts the cork from any size bottle in a flash. Screw is triple-coated for long-lasting use; you can open up to 2,000 bottles before changing it. Comes with a foil cutter. A magnificent gift for a wine connoisseur or someone who loves to entertain.

Once you try Le Creuset’s Screwpull Lever Model corkscrew, you’ll never want to use another wine opener. This is the granddaddy of corkscrews: it’s easy to use, with a good heft, and a clean extraction, so you won’t see another nubbin of cork in your wine. Packaged in an attractive case, and accompanied by a matching foil cutter, the Screwpull Lever Model is easier to use than its mechanical appearance might suggest. After removing the foil, simply grip the bottle with the two handles, then push the lever down so that the Teflon-coated screw sinks into the cork. Raise the handle and the cork comes with it! To release the cork, pull the handle back down, squeeze the cork, and pull the handle back up. The cork drops easily. The extra-long, Teflon-coated screw can tackle tight, old, and long corks without tearing or shredding–and you won’t turn red in the face from wrestling the wine bottle in front of your guests! The Screwpull Lever Model is enjoyed and trusted by wine aficionados the world around for its elegance and ease of use. Your wine cellar deserves one, too. –Rebecca Staffel


  • Comfortable and stable grip, even on flanged bottles
  • Matching 4-wheel foil cutter
  • Height 5.25″
  • Removes both synthetic and natural corks with ease