Ice Sleeve Wine Chiller, Wine Coller

Ice Sleeve Wine Chiller, Wine Coller

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Product Description

Chilling wine quickly and keeping it cold has always been a problem – until now! The amazing Ice Sleeve is best described as a super cold flexible ice jacket which, when taken from the freezer, simply slips over the bottle of wine, chilling it in just 5 minutes and keeping it ice cold for hours. The secret to Rapid Ice is a very special non-toxic gel, multiple foil layers and foam pouches to maximize insulation. It is reusable and unbreakable. 7 inches


  • Chills wine in 5 minutes and keeps it chilled for hours
  • Six pockets contain special liquid that freezes solid
  • Frozen sleeve slips over standard 750-milliliter bottle
  • Flexible and virtually unbreakable
  • Chrome-colored; looks good at the table