Complete Wine Making Kit
Complete Wine Making Kit

Complete Wine Making Kit


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Making your own wine at home is not as hard as you might imagine. You must have the right components and ingredients and be able to follow a recipe carefully.This kit is suitable for making five gallon batches of wine using 100 lbs of grapes. Making batches smaller than 5 gallons could compromise the results of the kit. We also offer a Deluxe Fruit Wine Kit, which is a better choice for someone who wishes to make smaller batches of wine.Overview: Our complete wine making kit allows you to make four 5 gallon batches of wine from grapes. You will have to locate the grapes, but it will help you to become inspired in the process. We provide the book ‘Home Winemaking Step by Step’ by Jon Iverson, which walks you through the entire process and with this kit you can experiment with a range of wine production. Kit Includes: 8 gallon bucket with fermenter hole and airlock, 5 gallon carboy with bung and airlock, hydrometer and cylinder, siphon tubing, raking cane, bottle filler, campden tablets, bottle brush, corker, corks, red and white wine yeasts and ‘Home Winemaking Step by Step’ by Jon Iverson. Made in Portland, Oregon


  • A Complete Wine Making Kit for the Home Wine Maker (make 20 gallons of wine)
  • Everything you need to make four 5 gallon batches of red or white wine except the grapes
  • Can be re-used with other fruits for future wine making – resupply kits available
  • Includes ‘Home Winemaking Step by Step’ Book by Jon Iverson
  • Made in Portland, Oregon by Grow and Make with a commitment to sustainability