BJ #4s Kit – 25L Winemaking Equipment Set (30 bottles size)

BJ #4s Kit – 25L Winemaking Equipment Set (30 bottles size)

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With a 25 litre fermenter, our own brand #4s Equipment Set contains the key hardware items needed when brewing standard size 30 bottle wine kits. Also suitable for making standard size 23 litre (or smaller) beer kits.This set contains the following items: 1 x 25 litre Fermenting Bin with lid and tap, 1 x Syphon with U bend and tap (long version for ease of use), 1 x 6 chamber Bubbler Airlock, 1 x Brewing Spoon (18″), 1 x Hydrometer for Wine & Beer with Trial Jar, 1 x Food Grade Plastic Jug, 1 x Food Grade Plastic Funnel and 1 x 100g VWP Cleanser / Sterilizer. Please note that this kit (#4s) contains a 25 litre fermenter. We also offer a version of this kit (#4L) with a larger 33 litre fermenter if you require more headroom over your brew. Please Note: Due to shipping restrictions we can only offer delivery of this item to the England, Wales and the Scottish Lowlands (expedited and standard services) and the Scottish Highlands and Northern Ireland (standard service only).