BetterBottle Carboy Racking Adapter

BetterBottle Carboy Racking Adapter


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Product Description

This BetterBottle Carboy Racking Adapter couples a SimpleFlo valve (not included) to any ported BetterBottle carboy to make professional racking and bottling quick and easy!The Carboy Racking Adapter uses a Viton O-ring to make a tight hydrophobic seal against the inside wall of a BetterBottle carboy. This very special O-ring also makes it possible to rotate the body of the Racking Adapter, without the need for lubrication. Racking is accomplished by simply rotating the Adapter so the tip of its intake stem is just above the sediment layer, opening the SimpleFlo valve, and letting gravity go to work – there is no need for siphons or pumps. During filling and fermentation, the stem of the Racking Adapter should be tilted slightly downward (about 3:30 or 8:30) to prevent sediments from settling inside it. The external pointer makes it possible to adjust the position of the stem even if the stem cannot be seen through a dark wine or beer.The Carboy Racking Adapter is especially popular with winemakers and brewers who ferment on shelves, because carboys can be racked without having to move them to a surface with head room for racking canes.Installation in 5 & 6 Gallon Carboys: BetterBottle makes a plastic Installation Rod for installing the Carboy Racking Adapter a in 5 or 6 gallon BetterBottle carboy. A rod is not needed to install a Racking Adapter in a 3 gallon BetterBottle bottle.


  • Made of Durable PET Plastic
  • For Use With BetterBottle Ported Carboys
  • Easy to Install and Service
  • Couples With SimpleFlo Valve to Make Racking and Bottling Quick and Easy
  • Popular With Winemakers and Home Brewers Who Ferment on Shelves