Beer Clean® Glass Cleaner 100 x 0.5oz/14g

Beer Clean® Glass Cleaner 100 x 0.5oz/14g

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Product Description

For sparkling clean glassware and better tasting beer. Powdered compound cleans in hot-cold, hard or soft water. Concentrated formula for quick cleaning. Odorless detergent system provides excellent rinsing results. Minimal sudsing. Two formulas: Regular for manual brush cleaning and Low Suds for use with electric brushes.


  • Clean beer glasses deliver better-looking beer with bigger heads for higher profits
  • Provides thoroughly cleaned glassware with no odor, aftertaste or residue
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Glass Cleaner for use with either manual or electric 3-sink systems
  • Perfect for behind the counter drinkware cleaning systems