Acid Blend

Acid Blend


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About This Product: (Ac190) This Is A Blend Of The Three Most Common Acids Found In Fruit: Citric, Malic And Tartaric. It Is Typically Used In Wines That Are Naturally Lacking In Acid. Wines Too Low In Acid Are Flat Tasting. Acid Blend Adds A Liveliness To The Wine And Helps To Bring Out It`S Fruity Flavors. Also, Having The Proper Level Of Acidity Will Help To Establish A Vigorous Fermentation. Before You Add Any Acid To A Wine You Should First Check Its Acid Level With Ph Strips Or An Acid Test Kit. Or, You Should Be Following A Reliable Recipe.Directions:Before Fermentaton: Dissolve The Required Amount Of Acid Blend Directly Into The Wine Before The Yeast Is Added. Titration Readings Taken With An Acid Testing Kit Should Be About .55%-Tartaric For A Proper Fermentation. Readings Taken Using Ph Strips Should Be About 3.8 To 3.4. One Level Teaspoon Of Acid Blend Will Raise The Acid Content Of On U.S. Gallon By .15%-Tartaric.At Bottling Time: Sometimes Wines Will Not Taste Their Best, Even When They Are At Their Opimal Level Of Acidity And May Require A Slight Final Acid Adjustment To Taste. This Can Depend On The Wine`S Character And Your Personal Taste. To Do This, First Put Measured Amounts Of Acid Blend, By Taste, In A Quart Sample Of Your Wine. If You Add Too Much To Your Sample, Blend It Back Into The Batch And Pull A New Sample. Once The Dosage Is Established, Add That Dose To The Entire Batch.Ingredients: 50% Citric Acid (Cas 77-92-9), 25% Malic Acid (Cas 6915-15-7), 25% Tartaric Acid (Cas 87-69-4).