3 Gallon Fruit Winemaking Add-On Kit

3 Gallon Fruit Winemaking Add-On Kit


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Note: This add-on kit needs to be used in conjunction with a 6 gallon Starter Winemaking Equipment Kit. It is not intended for use without the 6 gallon winemaking kit. This kit includes all of the additional additives you need to make three 3-gallon batches of wine. The 3 Gallon Fruit Winemaking Add-on Kit Includes:3 packs of Montrachet dry yeast (additional yeast is required for additional batches)Winemaker Recipe Handbook featuring 101 one-gallon fruit recipes (multiply recipes by three to make 3-gallon batches)1 3-Gallon Glass Carboy1 Universal Stopper1 Airlock1 Jumbo Coarse Nylon Straining bag1 oz. Stabilizer (Potassium Sorbate)2 oz. Midwest Supplies Oxygen Wash50 count. Campden tablets (KMS)1 oz. Pectic enzyme2 oz. Acid blend1 oz. Grape tannin2 oz. Yeast nutrientNote: Other items needed to make 3 gallons of wine: 6 gallon wine equipment kit, fruit, corks, and bottles. An additional 3 gallon carboy is recommended, but not necessary.Note: No substitutions allowed.Dimensional Shipping Weight applies – Click here for details.