12 Mason Jar Reusable Silicone Rubber SEALS WIDE AND OR REGULAR MOUTH (WIDE MOUTH)


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Product Description

QUALITY RELIABLE PRODUCTS MASON JAR SEALS ARE MANUFACTURED TO FIT SNUG INTO ANY BRAND MASON JAR WHITE PLASTIC LIDS. We tried the narrower red rubber seals with the smaller outer diameter. They tend to become displaced while tightening the lid, and unfortunately, they did not keep our fermentation jars airtight (see photo). Our reliable seals provide a perfect airtight, anaerobic enclosure while fermenting Kimchi (vegetables) or Kombucha (tea). We ferment on a very large scale, and our Seals do resolve the airtight issue. When testing our Seals by placing water in a jar and shaking the jar, we experience no leaks.

  • Includes Seals only; lids not includedWide Mouth 12 ct.