1 – Wine & Spirits Aerator
1 – Wine & Spirits Aerator1 – Wine & Spirits Aerator1 – Wine & Spirits Aerator

1 – Wine & Spirits Aerator


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Why aerate at all? Wine Aeration reduces tannins (chemical compounds that create aftertaste), acidity and sulfites (which some people can be allergic to). The aeration of wine and spirits improves taste, smoothens aftertaste, awakens the natural aroma of the product, and enhances the drinkability of your favorite beverage. What is the Aermate Aerator? The Aermate Aerator is an effective in-bottle or in-glass aerator that aerates all wines and spirits. The Aerator is constructed of food grade stainless steel and silicone. Our aerator is rugged, repeatable and simple to use – just squeeze the bulb. Our patent pending design includes a Microbubble Tip at the end of the aerator that breaks air from the bulb into tiny bubbles that diffuse easily into the wine or spirit, providing instant, effective aeration. The Aermate Aerator is simple to clean – just rinse the stem and Microbubble Tip with hot water and dry by squeezing the bulb, and to store, just place it in a drawer, there is no special stand or holder required. Our rugged, repeatable, instantaneous and effective aerator is a perfect gift for the aficionado, the casual drinker and anyone in between. Why is the Aermate Aerator better than other aerators? Decanters take time, break easily and are difficult to clean. Single pour aeration systems are messy, splatter and give the user only one shot at aeration. The Aermate Aerator performs in-glass or in-bottle aeration, which means that our aerator does not need to be present during the pour. Aeration can be performed in the bottle before the pour, for example in another room, or after the pour, for example in a restaurant or on an airplane. Pouring systems simply do not provide such flexibility. The Aermate Aerator allows you to aerate more or less as needed or desired: use one squeeze for a glass of petite sirah, use three squeezes for a glass of bold cabernet, etc. The Aermate Aerator allows you to squeeze until you are satisfied. Again, pouring systems do not


  • Rugged food stainless steel construction for repeated use
  • Aerates a whole bottle or single glass; Aerates to taste – easy to adjust to your pallet
  • Food grade silicone for easy action & durability
  • No decanters or pouring gimmicks – you can see it work; Easy clean up by rinsing with warm water
  • Micro bubble Tip for ultimate aeration of micron sized bubbles